Robot and guitar, Concept by goro fujita


This is my 3D take on one of the famous concept art done by the talented Goro Fujita. I started by blocking the painting with 3D objects and matching the camera angle. The robot is purely procedural shading using Al Shaders. I sculpted the large bricks where the robot and the cat are sitting on in Zbrush. The cat's fur was done with XGen and the whiskers are curves rendered with Ai Render Curves. The rain drops are simulated with nParticles so I don't have to manually place the spheres by hand. The BG is volumetric scattering with arnold area lights to create the same atmosphere in the painting. Because of the nature of the painting, I had to make separate render layers to create specific shadows and lights otherwise impossible. It was very fun learning and matching lighting in this project. Breakdown available in my reel.