I look like that Yao Ming meme when I smile.

I look like that Yao Ming meme when I smile.

About ME

Hello people!

I'm a New York based CG artist, born and raised in Bangkok. I fell in love with lighting and cinematography during my time at School of Visual Art. Math and art have always been a passion of mine and lighting is the perfect combination of both. Studying how light wave reacts and combines to create the best image is what drew me into the craft's beauty.

I love to joke around, but am passionate and focused on my projects. I love to mix several different cultures into my art and my social life, sharing them with my friends to create an art piece that we all love.

I chose CG as my medium because it gives the most flexibility. During my spare time, I teach myself new programs such as Zbrush, Mari and Marvelous Designer to create the image in my head and to expand my knowledge in the medium. Luckily, the CG community is one of the most friendly and informative.

Other than my passion of lighting and cinematography, I also play guitar and piano. Jamming with my bros and shooting some hoops is the next best thing!